Thursday, January 13, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

They didn't say the phrase "Million Dollar Baby" ONCE.

PS Overrated.


Alex said...

Seeing a poster in the subway this morning, it occurred to me we should very quickly produce a movie called, "Million Dollar Baby, Fix That Fusebox!"

Its unclear to me whether Hillary Swank would be fixing a Fusebox, or the Baby would be proving to Clint Eastwood that he can box, after all.

Jeff said...

WHAT?! No way, Mr. Fneh The Movie Pessimist.

I just saw it last night and loved its ass off.

Plus, it's one of 3 movies I've seen this year that gets better in my head as time passes (along with Sideways and the Incredibles). Those characters are so honestly realized, and I continue to care for them even though it's been 24 hours since the movie ended for me.

I can't let you put your fneh this movie, Mr. Fneh!!

christopher said...

The ending was HILARIOUS!