Wednesday, January 05, 2005


So I went to MoMA today for the first time. It was beautiful and quite enjoyable. My traveling companion was my friend Kay who not only is an art history major but also has a great sense of humor. This means I could ask her about art while at the same time make fun of art. Here are some of the more ignorant things we said:

-that looks like the candy buttons attached to paper that I used to get as a kid
-it's like a dollhouse
-I could've done that
-I made that
-I've written the word "Jazz" on paper too
-(about a self-portrait) That looks like the guy from Queer Eye
-(about a self-portrait) He's ugly
-That's the most shallow thing I've ever seen
-This offends me
-I hate this
-I hate you because you spit on that first when I wanted to spit on it first
-(about a Picasso) Who's that?

And I spoke in a French accent whenever I looked at a piece by someone French. Well, not EVERY time. Often though.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Truly.

Were you able to spot any forgeries? I hope not. That can really interfere with the overall experience when an obvious fake rears its ugly head.

Especially the Picassos. Sometimes I think there's more bogus than real.

Geoffrey said...

Interesting you should mention that. According to this book I got for Christmas "50 Things You're Not Supposed To Know", most works of art in museums and stuff are forgeries. The author estimates about half. I estimate less than that.

On another note, a pope wrote erotic fiction once. But hey. Ya didn't hear it from me.

Alex said...

Although my initial search for "Erotic Pope Fiction" turned up nothing, I believe I've discovered the Pope in question was none other than Pope Pius II.

Pius, you dog.

Anonymous said...

forgeries and fakes? papal misconduct? interestingly enough and! coincidentally enough: my initial search (of the medievil files in my basement) reveals that over half of Pius'libidinous works involved... female impersonators.

Bravo! I live for coincidence. Viva la.

Geoffrey said...

For a moment, look at the group of letters "Pius'libidinous" together and tell me that doesn't look like some kind of Klingon planet.

Anonymous said...

Funny to think that the world of Pius II was probably stranger than any Klingon world you could imagine.

wait, not funny...scary.