Friday, January 28, 2005

Most Awkward Pun Award

So I live right around the corner from a Catholic School which I pass by everyday to and from work. On Tuesday, there appeared a sign that said "Coming Soon: The Priesto Show!"

After a couple of days of puzzling over this, I decided to do a little research. And as it turns out, it's what you would expect - a magic show performed by a priest. Apparently it promises a "merry mix of magic, mirth, mayhem and mysteries. Fr. Jerry Jecewiz is the pastor of Holy Spirit Church in Borough Park, Brooklyn. He supports his parish by performing his very creative "magical ministry" in schools and churches!"

I'm half tempted to skip the Hot Chocolate Festival to go. Anybody else wanna go with me to celebrate the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas? Though I fear chocolate will win out.

Catholics: is there any conflict between being a priest and also professing to be a master of magic and trickery? It seems like the two don't jibe entirely well, which is why it struck me as weird. It's a little occultish.


Anonymous said...

it's a cute show, i have been to several.

Alex said...

Trying to decide between going to the Hot Chocolate Festival and the Magic Priest Show sounds like the most made up thing ever.

Plus, I'll be busy at my Dragon Ninja Party.

mjs said...

is there no way to do both?
that sounds like the most perfect day EVER!


Moons in Leo said...

Isn't turning wine into blood and bread into body the ultimate magic trick?

Geoffrey said...

A Catholic's response!

For hard-core fundamentalist Catholics, yes, magic wouldn't jibe very well. But a lot of Catholics fall in the hypocrite/cherry-picking/way more tuned into reality category also.

PS Hotter debate topic: Catholicism or The Family Guy? A: The Family Guy.

Anonymous said...

indeed changing bread and wine may be the ultimate magic trick as opointed out by Moons in Leo but with regards to Stephan's dilemma i'd think the original magician could have used hot chocolate just as easily.
in fact, to pull it altogether i'd say to do the full trick hot chocolate and donuts would have sufficed.

Moons in Leo said...

I think you meant dognuts.

Anonymous said...

ah yes dognuts. brings up an interesting fact i read in one of those believe it or not bathroom type readers. it seems in certain scandanavian countries "doe" nuts are considered a delicacy. hold on! before you jump the gun it further offers as a lesson in deer anatomy that the lyrics of a certain "sound of music" song would have correctly been "doe a deer, a hermaphrodite deer". even more interesting is the fact that reindeer are more normal in this regard but those that ARE hermaphrodites have (would you believe this) RED noses! and though kinda spurned in their early years by the rest of the herd, these red nosed hermaphrodite reindeer turn out to be natural leaders in the end.

Moons in Leo said...

I bow to your knowledge of the animal kingdom. It would certainly be logical that those creatures with what the uninformed might consider "deformities" would develop the skills to secure their place in the hierarchy of creatures. This would give Darwinists a "leg up" as it were.

Speaking of "legs up," I believe one of the original drafts of NYC's pooper scooper law contained some reference to "dog nuts" and their potential loss should the statute fail in its intent. I understand that penalty was eventually deleted. In the interests of gender equality in the animal kingdom, bitch slapping did not seem to bear equal weight in the penal code.

Stefan said...

There are some strange comments these days on here. I'm glad I have the EL group blog for my daily dose of WHAT THE FUCK. :)