Friday, January 07, 2005

NFL Wild Card Weekend

New Feature on the Website:

NFL Wild Card Weekend

I think it has something to do with sports.


Geoffrey said...

OK, I give up. Why Hugh Jackman?

PS I was NOT involved in the decision to put a picture of Hugh Jackman in my feature.

Elephant Larry said...

Its actually Hugh Jackman as featured in "The Boy From Oz."

I needed a picture to put up with the Feature, and thought it would be funny to put something that was the EXACT OPPOSITE of your Feature, until I could get the proper sports pictures.

Then, on further reflection, it kind of seems like Hugh Jackman is saying "Oh baby!" at the start of the feature, which is also kind of funny, so I decided to keep it.

THE END!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the best part of the playoffs is that you don't have to think for long times at a time.

And we don't have to apologize for that either. In Europe they call soccer football and the fans always wind up trying to kill eachother with people literally falling out of the stands.

Let's go Jets!!!

But if not the Jets Eli's brother being victorious would be sufficient

Geoffrey said...

While I got only two right, I'd like to point out that it was two more correct picks than ANYONE ELSE in Elephant Larry.

christopher said...

And THAT'S impressive.