Thursday, January 27, 2005

A Quick Game for Your Morning

Here's a game I invented yesterday, called "What's the Nerdiest?" Basically, I give you a list of stuff, and you tell me "What's the Nerdiest?" And I'm not talking geekiest, which is mildly cool. I'm talking nerdiest. So here we go. Are you ready? Okay:

What's the Nerdiest - Online Edition

The following are all webpages I had open in my browser recently... Take a look at the list, and you tell me, "What's the nerdiest?"

A) My Gmail account, which automatically refreshed every two minutes.

B) Think Secret, a web site devoted to rumors about upcoming Apple products.

C) An Online RPG

D) The fact that they were all open in tabs on my Firefox browser.

E) The fact that I'm posting an online quiz about this in my sketch comedy group's blog.

Please note that "All of the Above" is NOT a choice.


christopher said...

Alas, it's probably C.


Stefan said...

And it's obviously not the Firefox option since Firefox is AWESOME. Okay, bonus mini-quiz time! Which (regardless of the actual product) is the nerdiest-sounding:

A) Mozilla Firefox
B) Internet Explorer

Anonymous said...

Chris, its grandma again (actually I prefer to be called "Gram-mamma..." RPGs? Firefox...haven't we had this discussion about sex with girls once before?

mjs said...

ok, so i just downloaded firefox myself, and i love it. earlier, when i tried to read the sf-ist article, it had loaded weirdly, with the left side overlapping the main article and no way to move it. now - no such problems.
i THINK, and i hate to admit this, that it makes my PC look more like a mac.

yes, alex, i said it.

now go buy five G5s and leave me alone.

christopher said...

Or he could buy 25 G1's. According to my calculations, that would be equally as powerful.

Alex said...

That's totally not true, but I can't find any evidence to back up my claim at the moment. Crap.

Anonymous said...

I concur with C.

Unless with A, your're meeting any of the conditions for email addiction:
·Tolerance (need more email to still feel the effect).
·Psychological dependence (have a desire for email, varying from very little to very much).
·Withdrawal symptoms (get all kinds of physical reactions after you stop).
·Use email to reduce the withdrawal symptoms.
·Failed attempts to control the email use.
·Spend a great deal of time on the use of email or on the recovery of its use.
·Use email more frequently and in higher doses than planned.
·Continue to use email even if you know it is damaging for you.

Then you might have a problem.