Thursday, January 27, 2005

SFist Review of SFperformance

Check out this review we got on SFist:

The Sklar Brothers & Elephant Larry Sketch Fest Review

Thanks SFist! As previously mentioned on this blog, I heart the -ists. So much so that I've actually taken to reading all of them pretty much daily, even though Gothamist is the only one directly relevant to my life.


Stefan said...

I think the pullquote should obviously be, in giant all-caps type, "KIND OF GENIUS." Self-deprecating and self-aggrandizing at the exact same time.

Anonymous said...

"The opening act was New York's Elephant Larry, a baby sketch comedy group that has won a whole heaping amount of plaudits..."

A baby sketch comedy group? I would *love* to see that.
"More cookie!"
"Tickle tickle tickle!"

christopher said...

Hopefully this will increase our t-shirt sales

Alex said...

Also, just found this: have no context for what it means, but I'm hopeful its something nice.

Dad said...

OK, so i know this is entirely unrelated to this post, but I had to ask.

So, just when i was getting excited about how the links open a new window so i'm not involuntarily dragged away from the beloved ELsGB, I discover that the links in the posts open new windows, but the links in the comments take you to a new page in the SAME window. argghrhghrghh.

that is, all except THIS link:
(crazy recursive link, woah.)

Neal K said...

"it took them fairly quickly to get into a groove"

Can't get not bad praise than that!

christopher said...

Good point, Matt. Alex was actually kind enough to take the time and teach all of us how to properly code our links so they open up to brand new windows. And I can't speak for the other dudes, but I totally forgot how. Sorry!

I must've been distracted by something while Alex was teaching us. Probably his cute, little Alex-nostrils. Man are those nostrils cute.