Monday, February 07, 2005

American Dreams

Last night we all went over to Geoff's to watch the Superbowl, or, as I like to call it, "Gay Superbowl."

Superbowl: Kind of fun.
Commercials: Okay, with the exception of one involving killing a cat, which still makes me giggle. But hey, I regularly kill cats and giggle about it, so whatevs.

I didn't get to see the premiere of Seth McFarlane's new show, "American Dad," though, cause I got a ride home, which was SWEET. So I have no impressions of it, except one.

Last night I had TERRIBLE nightmares. The first one, I actually felt like I was being sucked into my bed, and actually had to struggle to get out of the dream. That was scary. Then I dreamt my parents were paralyzed in a car accident, and went around doing shows of how strong they were by slicing cuts in their legs, and then the audience applauds, and there was a rumor my Dad would be nominated for President. Still, kind of a horrific nightmare. But good luck Dad!

The worst one though, which I literally woke up screaming from, was the last one, where my girlfriend broke up with me. We spent a lot of time talking, and I even changed the signs on the door that said, "Alex's Mood is Currently:" to "Angry" and "Upset," (I don't know what those signs were either), before I found out why she had broken up with me. It was because she had met a better, more handsome, more talented man: Seth McFarlane.

As I mentioned, I woke up screaming.


mjs said...

screw you, seth mcfarlane!

Alex said...

Well, yeah, that's why we broke up, Marni.

I just want to note that I told my Mom about the dream I had about her and my Dad, and she laughed harder I have ever heard her laugh. Honestly, I thought it was pretty upsetting, but I guess I was wrong?

Anonymous said...

Alex, why is the Super Bowl gay? Or why was it the "gay super bowl"? Geoff, whaddya mean Paul was OK???? For cryin' out loud Live and let die was EPIC with the synchronyzed fireworks and "Hey Jude was monumental!"

Anonymous said...

Especially surreal was Paul's "Thank you, Super Bowl!", showing his gratitude to a completely abstract/manufactured concept. Closing out with "Sorry Miss Jackson" was kind of cheeky, IMHO.

Stefan said...

I'm Stefan, and incredibly stupid!

- Alex, commenting on Stefan's account, and also defeating the joke of commenting on Stefan's account

Alex said...

To clarify the "Gay Superbowl" comment, cause Stefan asked me about it, too:

The Oscars and the Tonys are both often referred to as the Gay Superbowl.

Also, the Superbowl is a homosexual.