Monday, February 07, 2005

Name Our Show!

Hey gang,

Elephant Larry is in the process of putting together our brand new show, which will premiere in April at The PIT (Uh-oh... Was that just a BLOGSCLUSIVE???). Along with the writin', and the filmin', and the rehearsin', we have to come up with a name for our show. That's where you guys come in!

We want YOU to come up with a name for our show. Now, we can't promise we'll actually use it, 'cause we're busy coming up with names ourselves. But if we do use your name for our show, here's what you'll win:

- An Elephant Larry t-shirt!
- Two tickets to the performance of your choice!
- Geoff will do a psychological profile of your maladjustive behavior!
- Stefan will make a logo for your maladjustive behavior profile!

So what goes in to making an Elephant Larry show title? The easiest thing to do is look at the titles we've already used. Generally, they don't have a lot to do with the show itself, although sometimes we'll theme something around a title. They're not particularly pun-esque, although sometimes that happens too. I guess, basically, there's no rules.

Good luck coming up with a name! You can post in the comments here, or e-mail us at To give you a little taste/a starter name, here's my favorite show name we've come up with, that we're also definitely not going to use:

Desperate Housedudes

Update! I'm bumpin' this up, cause we still haven't decided on a title. You got this week and that's it, people, so keep 'em coming!

PS That doesn't necessarily mean we've thrown out your previous ideas, we just haven't settled on anything yet... Keep up the good work, people.


Anonymous said...

Organs Without Bodies

Anonymous said...

comedy is when one person makes another laugh. pretty much everyone's first experience with comedy is when as a baby they're tickled. after awhile this gets tiresome. the baby becomes (with apologies to chris) Sckeptickle. this becomes a primary behavior as the child grows and quickly learns that what once made him laugh doesn't always continue to make him laugh. this generalizes into the realization that life is forever setting up disappointment.

SCKEPTICKLE should be the name of the next show as a recognition of the threatening force that all comedians must face. the force which makes each member of the audience enter with the attitude: "I don't think this show is going to make me laugh. Yes they've made me laugh before but so what. My parents tickling me use to make me laugh too."

(as i am anonymous whatever rewards i am due can go to charity. or then again I'll take it if i can receive my reward with a paper bag over my head. okay?)

Anonymous said...

"Send in the frowns"

"The brothers Grim"

"Clowns With Weapons"

"Revenge of the Theatre Geeks"

UpchuckBaby said...

White Elephants Can't Jump

Agony and Ivory

The Persistence of Larry

Sith Schmith

Anonymous said...

bottom's up
stock engine
for your eyes only
never better
last night was the best

Anonymous said...



How Grey Was My Valley

Cupid Attacks!

Yankfest '05

Anonymous said...

Deep Cover
Another Word for Freedom
Feets Too Big

--your pal, Jesse, from the SF Sketchfest

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Desperately Seeking Zazen
From Here To Hilarity
Finally Getting It Right
Begs To Be Loved
As Invisible As Possible
On Wall Street
Unnecessary Explanation


UpchuckBaby said...

A Lullabye of Branson

Neverland Sleepover

Anonymous said...

hills like white elephant larry's (sets up for hilarious jokes about abortions, maybe even SIDS)

Anonymous said...

Are You There, God? It's Me, Elephant Larry.


Anonymous said...

Raisen in the Sun
Wink Martindale's Left Sock is Eating Your Baby
Elephants on Parade
I'll Have the Soup
Portrait of a Young Elephant Larry
The Zombie, Robot & Pirate Show?!?
Ass, you like it!
Comedy of Erorrs (groan)

Good luck!

comedy, sketch, laughter, intelligence, clever, snarky, witty, ivy league, talent

UpchuckBaby said...

22 Months After That Crazee Night

Now That's Comedy, Vol EL

Jumbo Laffs

Crunk as a Skizzunk

Cirque Du Solarry

Our Elephants, Ourselves

The Elephant Larry Tribute Band

Sycophant Barry

Get a freakin' life--it's just a t-shirt!

Did Somebody Say Gigli?

Anonymous said...

Elaphant Larry: AS IS

Elephant Larry: Colonels of Truth

Elephant Larry: Broken Dreams, Broken Promises

-submitted by aNGD

Anonymous said...

Bomb Shelter

Anonymous said...

A Sidesplitting Work of Incomparable Hilarity

Tort Reform!

All Aboard the HMS YachtCanoe

sarah said...

"Billion Year Contract"

( )

Anonymous said...

Is it too late? I got one more.

Phantlar of the Opera

Anonymous said...

how 'bout:

Hopeless Goobers Fooling Themselves...On Ice!
Elephant Larry Wishes to Perform Cunnilingus on Alex Rodriguez, No Strings Attached
Elephant Larry Vs. Social Security
Elephant Larry: Beyond Thunderdome
The Compleat History of Everything
Eating Babies for Dummies
The Ballad of Johnny Elephantseed
Jump, Jive, and Wail on Some Dude
Man Bites Elephant
Ironic Detachment...To The Extreeeeeme!

Larry is my middle name.

Anonymous said...

Cast Participation Night
Valet Problem? What Valet Problem?
Laughing Room Only
Live From Budokan
Four Mensches and a Wunderkind
Four Man Children and a Mannish Boy
Four Men and Another Man
Loaded For Bear
Comedy Plus One!
Elephant Larry Comes Alive!
The Breakup Show (We Don't Write 'em Like This Anymore)
Precious and Few are the Moments We Five Can Share
Chris Whatever-His-Name-Is And The Magic Silo
Seth MacFarland Must Die (and other 9/11 failures) (OK--that was low. I'll stop now...Seth, if you're reading this, it wasn't me. it was lower case anonymous guy...)

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm feeling really bad about going too far there. Feel free to delete that last post. I got caught up in the anti-Family Guy sentiment and in my pandering lost it. Which brings up the eternal question of "how far is too far?" Sort of the "What is pornography?" question. I guess the Golden Rule is a good measure and I would not find it one bit humorous to have some internet punk making fun of 9/11 if I had a close personal brush with 9/11 as Mr. MacFarlanE did. Sorry for the downer note...I just got carried away.

Anonymous said...

EL's Show and Tell Show
EL: Long Abbreviations
EL: Tigger's Nightmare

Anonymous said...

Cinderellaphant and other Larrytales

Anonymous said...

Elephant Larry vs. Godzilla
The Phant Factor
Phants, Beer, 'n' Lar
Larry-mas in July in April
A Nightmare on Elephant
Elephants Are From Mars, Larry Is From Venus
A Larry-mas Carol
Elephant-O Inferno
Elephant Larry On Ice
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Larry-mas
Phant's Alive
Pulp Phantion
The Elephant Who Stole Larry-mas
I Can't Believe It's Not Elephant
Kiss My Phants
'Twas The Night Before Phantlar-Mas
Scared Phantless
Hooked on Elephants
It's A Wonderful Larry
Elephant Larry Happens
The People vs Elephant Larry

Stefan said...

This last comment is frighteningly comprehensive.

Anonymous said...

Elephant Larry: Smokin'

Anonymous said...

Relevant Rarely

Anonymous said...

I got sidetracked, anyway there's a subtitle for

Elephant Larry: Smokin'
(the Camel that broke the elephant's back)

graphic: Morph Elephant Larry into a Joe Camel look

Anonymous said...

Yoddling With the Elders

UpchuckBaby said...

The Phallus DialoguesWelcome To The Retractable PleasuredomeRibbed For Her/Your/Their/Our Pleasure Note: there is already a Canadian improv group called "Ribbed For Their Pleasure"

Anonymous said...