Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Apok of Lehigh

I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this yet (aside from Chris's's's post about the giant snow-penis) but Lehigh was freaking cool. We got in at three, did tech for four hours and then performed for another four! Well, technically we had a coupla hours off in between shows, but we were so busy dance-partying and stunt-spectacularizing that that barely counts. And by stunt-spectacular I mean that Stefan played a killer riff on one of our fake inflatable guitars, jumped over all of us and played another killer riff. It was funny, if you were a brain-dead tired sketch comedian lying on the ground afraid of Stefan landing on you. There may be pictures of this.

I think what struck me most about Lehigh was this guy at the frat house we were staying, Apok (forgive me for potentially incorrect spelling). As far as I can tell, Apok's night consisted of: playing beer pong, helping beat Elephant Larry at beer pong, then losing at beer pong because he got stuck with some EL members as teammates. We were not good at beer pong.

Once we were done with beer pong we went to a deli called Pantry 1, which had some excellent sandwiches at excellent prices at a not-so-excellent time of night. As soon as we got there, Apok proceded to get behind the counter and make our sandwiches. At 3am. Which was odd. Then what was odder was that he decided to stay there and help out. Past 3am. Making Apok one of the nicest people I ever barely met for a night or so. Cheers to you Apok!