Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Ever So Much Fun

Here's a fun game you can play today. And it's only slightly at the expense of others.

Choose one person. Preferably a person who you'll be seeing constantly throughout the day.

Next, see how many times you can use the phrase "ever so..." while speaking to that person. It must be used organically, and part of the construction "ever so [adjective]". For example:

Coworker Bob: Oh, man. This huge project's due by two o'clock!

You: I'll be ever so relieved once it's done.

Coworker Bob: Me too. Sometimes I don't know how much longer I can take this bullshit.

You get the point. See how many times you can say it before your person calls you out on it, either vocally or through major WHAT?!-like body motions.

Bonus points for using the adjectives delighted or worrisome.


Anonymous said...

Just so I'm clear on the rules. Today when I said to an Asian co-worker, "Did you EVER SEW in one of those sweat shops they report on the news sometimes?" - that doesn't count, right?