Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"New" iPods

I feel like its my obligation to tell you about this.

Amidst rumors that Apple might release a wireless iPod, or all color iPods, this morning they officially put on sale... Slightly cheaper iPods.

Actually, its a little more than that. The best news (unless you're Marni, who just bought an iPod Mini last week) is that the minis now come in 6GB versions, and start at less that $200 (for the 4GB version).

Apple has also started to phase out the regular iPod, now just available in the 20GB size, and dropped the price of the iPod Photo (40GB & 60GB) down to a more reasonable $349 & $449. Which, mind you, almost half a grand for an mp3 player is still ridiculous.

Awesome. Apple released new products I feel no obligation to purchase. Cheers to me and my savings!


Alex said...

Just to add, let me point out the brilliant stupidity of Apple's new price scale.

Aside from the highest level iPod (the 60GB iPod Photo), every iPod is now $50 difference from the next level up iPod.

Brilliant: People will say, "Well, gee, I want the $149 iPod Shuffle, I might as well spend the $50 more and get a 4GB Mini"

Stupid: The Shuffle looks like crap now.

Jeff said...

The fact that you referred to a price tag of $199 as "less than $200" (actually, you wrote "less that $200" but I'm not docking points for spelling) simply confirms for the 100th time that you work for Apple.

Alex said...

A) Actually, when I wrote that, I was looking at the education price, which is $179.

B) I WISH I worked for Apple. I bet they give you free apples. To eat. For lunch. Every day. Okay? Okay.

Geoffrey said...

This is probably a good time to mention that every time I hear Alex say "I need to stop by the Apple store" I always, always think that he is talking about going off and buying a bunch of fruit.

And then I think "Jeez, Alex must really like apples."