Thursday, February 10, 2005

Keep Drawing, Stefan

Product: Cartoon
Verdict: Hilarious

I'm really enjoying this cartoon, The Perry Bible Fellowship, which I think I remember seeing in this weeks New York Press.

One of my favorites so far (made tiny and unreadable!):

Via Lovely Disaster.

Umm, and if you've ever seen a MEAT show, don't check out this one.

Update! Okay, so check this one below:

Kinda cute, right? Well, I just remembered I DID see it in the NY Press this week, and thought it was pretty incomprehensible (although I figured out what the joke was supposed to be). Turns out, the reason is, NY Press prints in black and white, and the joke depends on the splashes of red. Ah, idiots and their two color printing presses.

Okay, one more, and then you should really check out the full archive (click on the dude walking in the forest on the PBF Page):


Alex said...

I just want to alert everyone that a new PBF cartoon is up every Sunday. Thank you.