Thursday, February 10, 2005

Keep Eating, Alex

Product: Dumplings
Verdict: Delicious!

I got lunch at Dumpling Man today, which turned out to be a delightfully scrumptious mistake!

Although it was way too much food, I got 10 steamed vegetable dumplings, with a little dipping sauce (rice vinegar mixed with soy) on the side. I'd been there back when it opened a couple of months ago, but their dumplings are about 3000 times better now. For you non-veggies, you can also get pork, shrimp, or chicken dumplings, and they come either steamed or seared.

Side note: They say if it takes fifteen minutes to get your order, its free. I guess since I got there when it opened (and the crowd of about 20 other people who showed up all ordered seared dumplings), it took a little longer than usual. But i still got my order in exactly 14 minutes. Curses!

Here's their logo:

Aw, I'm gonna rip you in half with my teeth, you cute little dumpling.