Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl!!!

It's halftime and it's 7-7! I can't believe the Eagles are still in it!

Paul McCartney is performing right now. It's pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Goofrey, did you seriously just say that the halftime show was "pretty good"? no. it wasn't. in fact, it was horseshit. the audience spelling out (poorly) "NA NA" with red,white and blue placards during "Hey, Jude"? why? a)what a horrible song for a halftime show, and b) since when was that song even remotely patriotic (the image of the statue of liberty put on the stage was...fitting?). oh, and when did paul mccartney become a woman? OR AMERICAN, for that matter. please apologize, Geoff. i think we all deserve that much. jeez.

Anonymous said...

For once, I'm with Dusty. The half-time show was retarded. I'm sure all those teen-aged girls in their prim and proper turtle-necks knew exactly who Paul McCartney was. The whole thing made me throw up a little in my mouth (which was made of delicious Mexican food from the night before, so I really didn't mind). I would've preferred to see the Pac-Man wedding from the Simpsons or Rob Lowe dancing with Snow White. ANYTHING would've been more interesting. Maybe next year they can have an acoustic set from Boz Scaggs. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Love and inappropriate touching,

Geoffrey said...

I amend my prior statement: IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER, OF ANY KIND.

I kid. I actually didn't watch much of the halftime show, as I was busy eating, flapping my arms like T.O. and posting blogposts. I just felt like I should comment on what was happening on the screen at the time, and unthinkingly decided to go with a positive account. I will be more thoughtful as I post in the future.

Anonymous said...

Geoff, i'm super glad we could work through this. also, i really wish you had flipped over to the Puppybowl at halftime. it was absolutely precious. absolutely. precious.