Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tech News: Useless Crap for You to Buy

Let's start off with a simple one, the PlasticSmith mini-Skirt Blue-Glo:

It's exactly what it looks like, a little piece of plastic you snap onto the bottom of a Mac Mini, that glows light blue when you turn your computer on. This product is totally useless, and in fact, fills up one of the Mac Mini's two USB ports. So why do I want to buy it, even though I own no Mac Minis?

Next up is the Mickey Mouse Musical Toaster, which not only toasts Mickey's face onto your bread, it also sings the Mickey Mouse theme song every time the toast pops out.

I thought this was made by the same annoying jerks that put together that puzzle alarm clock, but I was wrong.

There's no way I'm not buying this iPod cosy to go with my "Welcome Squid Overlords" T-Shirt:

...and, it turns out, it's made by the same people. What is their awesome fascination with squids?

And last, but certainly least, its Batman Begins schwag, like this "Batman Begins Batcave Mini-Fridge":

Other products include "Batman Sonic Binocular," "Batman PDA," and "Batman electric guitar with amplifier." Clearly, your movie going experience won't be complete until you watch it standing on a mini-fridge, wailing on your electric guitar.

Until next time... I'll see you... In... the... poorhouse!


christopher said...

Actually, that toaster-that-burns-a-symbol-in-your-toast-idea is pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

I am, unfortunately, an owner of the "Winnie The Pooh" model of this toaster. Not only is the song annoying after one note, the operative word for the symbol feature is burns, as the image is not clearly visible (contrary to the photoshop above) until the rest of the toast (the negative space, if you will) has been sufficiently charred. I do think the company should make a Rocky Horror Picture Show model, though.