Thursday, February 17, 2005

Weird and goddamn terrifying

So, I was hired for a last-minute gig this week as arranger and keyboardist for a demo recording that's being produced by the guy who produced my soon-to-be-released EP. It's a three song recording, and the third song will be a cover of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" from The Beatles' Abbey Road. Arranging 3 songs on one day's notice can be a little stressful, but I thought, hey, I'm up for it. The fact that one of the songs was a Beatles cover adds a little stress to the proceedings, but I thought, hey, I'm up for it.

Five minutes ago I learned that the girl making this demo has all this buzz behind her and that Paul McCartney may be listening to the record when it's done. The record with my arrangement of his song. I was really tired ten minutes ago. Now I'm pretty sure I'll never sleep again.




Is there for a word for "1 part excited plus 2 parts frightened out of your mind?" If not, someone please make one up. Anonymous, help me out here.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I couldn't be more excitened for you, as well. When you see Paul, can you ask him who his favorite Beatle is? I hope he says John.


Anonymous said...

Snap is correct in seeking the short and sweet but fails in the final product. The fright in excitened is nebulous at best. Although long and ponderous your best choice here is "frydxcitd" to capture the full range of emotion. Withal, consider that it is best used with the adjectival gerund "fucking", with the accent on a guttural "G".

eg. " oh shit in heaven! I'm so fuckin-G frydxcitd."

Most Sincerely, Slowbus

PS Good luck and I also hope He says John

Alex said...

Having "all the buzz behind her" sounds like she's followed everywhere by a cloud of bees.

Jeff, is that what you were saying?

Anonymous said...

hey jeff, any update on how it's going with this project?