Wednesday, March 23, 2005


This really shouldn't be as funny as it is. Its just screen captures of famous people blinking. But somehow, its so simple, it makes me consistently laugh.

Celebrity Blink Blog

Also on the subject of blink, Malcolm Gladwell's book of the same title has apparantly entered the popular lexicon, which is frankly, pretty stupid.

Gladwell is a good writer of pop-psych, and in terms of marketing, The Tipping Point is pretty much a revelation. Well written, insightful, and it really does change the way you look at things.

Blink, not so much. Its a well written book, and an engaging read, but I don't think it A) draws any conclusions, or B) talks about anything that hasn't been talked about ad naseum. Its subject matter is also all over the place, just like this blog post.

Anyway, point is, I have no problem with people reading the book. I like Gladwell's writing a lot. I DO have a problem with people feeling obligated to use the term "blink" the same way they do with the term "tipping point."

So cut it out, MOM*.

*50 blog points to the first non-Elephant Larry member who correctly posts where that line is from.


Geoffrey said...

I particularly like the pictures where he captured two people blinking at once.

Alex's mom said...


Please distribute the points to:

1. the Tri-Borough Bridge
2. the good people of Trinidad
3. and the three mothers of my bastard children--Lord knows they ain't getting child support

Alex said...

Hi mom,

You're wrong, actually.


PS Keep guesstimating, y'all.

brian said...

I think I know...does it have to be an EL sketch?

(And isn't it actually called "Cut it out Mom?" and was it ever written down?)

Alex said...

Ding! Brian won.

The trick here was, I just asked Elephant Larry members not to answer, making you think it was an Elephant Larry sketch. But its not. It was a Skits-O-Phrenics sketch, and the one line in the entire sketch was, "Cut it out, MOM!"

It was a hilarious look at the lighter side of incest.