Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Brothers Chaps

So as Alex posted, the Brothers Chaps (AKA Matt and Mike Chapman) spoke at NYU yesterday, and tickets sold out by 10:20 at the latest if you go by Alex's subsequent comment. I decided to give it a go though, see if I could finagle my way in somehow.

I get there at 5:30 and see a small horde around a table in the Kimmel lobby. Turns out there was a signing session with said Brothers Chaps before the main event. So I spot my friend Julia in the throng, sidle up next to her and go about the task of attempting to procure an autograph and listen to Brothers Chaps be hilarious.

And they were hilarious. Each and every thing they signed they devoted a lot of time to, drawing a little picture, a quote from the site and/or something else random they just felt like writing. They were incredibly nice. Someone even shoved a phone in Matt's face, asking if he could talk to their friend. He did, in Homestar voice. I'm remembering this wrong, but I believe he signed off with something like "Keep counting those beans" which, if you know Homestar, is something he would say. Though Mike diligently scooted upstairs to begin the talk, Matt stayed an extra 10 minutes or so, quickly signing everything people shoved in front of him. Including this:

Right inside my writing notebook. Awesome. I never got into the main event, but it was still a more than worthwhile trip. Brothers Chaps get a 10/10!