Wednesday, March 16, 2005

DC, Here We Come!

Though Elephant Larry will be performing on both Thursday and Saturday nights, we're gonna have all day Friday to explore this stupid city. So......

......what should we do?! Suggestions, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Seriously, guys... just go to the Smithsonian. Overall, DC blows, but the Smithsonian is one of the most amazing things in this fine country.


I lived in DC for two summers, and I found myself going to the Smithsonian on a regular basis... even just to read a book and stare at the tourists.


Joe R said...

There's a sightseeing bus/trolley car station right in front of the train station. It takes you past 18 DC sights. You can get off at any of them and get back on a later bus to resume the tour. I forget the cost, but it's not huge.

j said...

You know the newish Native American Museum?

Skip it. Pretty lame.

Go to Adams-Morgan. You'll find people not wearing khakis walking around. I ate food from Ghana (Ghana-ese?) there. Some tasty goat.

Oh, and the Metro looks like it's from the not-too-distant future. From a 1970s Logan's Run perspective, that is.

christopher said...

(I'm sure a slideshow of some sort's to come, but so you know, we ended up going to the Smithsonian and it was great. Thanks!)