Thursday, March 03, 2005


I guess this shouldn't be funny, since some kid died, but...

A group of teens from Latvia, according to the Hindustan Times Crime Blotter, killed a friend by trying out moves from Mortal Kombat.

Really? Mortal Kombat? So did they freeze him and break him into little pieces, or just rip out his entire skeleton?

"They employed the use of the legs in a scissor fashion to try to break the opponent's neck," said the head of the investigation division of Valmiera police department Salvis Stamers.
Oh, right... That move you can only learn from the "Mortal Combat" [sic] line of videofied entertainment.

Well, let's be sure to blame this on video games, and not retarded Latvian drunk teenagers who threw their friend into a river after breaking his neck.

Actually, my favorite part of the article is towards the end:
A year ago a pupil, addicted to videogames, killed a video saloon attendant in downtown Riga to get a few lats (dollars) to continue the game, which ended in tragedy.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but that strongly suggests that his video game ended in tragedy, yes? Poor kid.

Via Kotaku.


Ted said...

Great. With all the heat on video game-driven crimes, I guess I should probably abandon my plot to assassinate King Koopa.