Monday, March 14, 2005

Intro to Comedy Writing Class

Hello Blog,

I'm going to be teaching an Intro to Sketch class starting next month, and I thought you all should know about it. I've taught this class around the country at this point, and it seems to go very well... If you want to start writing sketch, or just need a refresher in the basics, I think you'll have a lot of fun, and laugh a lot. And also cry. Almost constantly.

Also, if you have a friend who's been afraid to write, or always wanted to try her/his hand at it, this is a great course to take... It really demands no prior experience, and, I think, is a lot of fun.

Alexander "official description below" Zalben
Intro to Comedy Writing

This is an intro level sketch class, pure and simple, geared towards the student who has never written before, or even a writer who wants a refresher in the basics. Working off the idea that anyone can start writing sketch comedy, you'll learn the formulas that will let you start writing sketch NOW. You will not need to have pre-existing work to take this class... It will involve practical assignments in individual and team writing. By the end of class, you'll not only have a truckload of sketches, you'll also be prepared to strike out and write great sketch on your own.

April 17 to May 22 (6 weeks)
Sundays, 3-6 pm
Location: The PIT Gallery
Prerequisite: None
Call 212 563 7488 or email The PIT to register.