Friday, March 25, 2005

Let Me Tell You 'Bout The Snakes And The Bees

So apparently a spring training game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies was called on account of bees. Lest you should start trying to make any clever puns about this turn of events, just know that Diamondbacks manager Bob Melvin already beaten you to it:

"I guess we've got to call that a `Bee' game"

For non-baseball fans out there, a B-game in spring training is one where most of the regulars do not play, and in their place are minor leaguers and re-treads who probably won't make the team.

And oh yeah, SHUT UP BOB MELVIN.


Anonymous said...

I guess you could say that all the players didn't want to get "stung" !! (by the bees) heh

Pietri said...

I heard the fans "swarmed" the field when they realized they weren't getting a refund.

They complained that such cancellations really "stung" the pocketbook.

Huh, huh, burp.

Pietri said...

Oops, I guess somebody already beat me to the "stung" pun. I'll go stick my head in the oven now, bye.

Geoffrey said...

Jeez. It's like our blog readers have a hive mind.

Allen said...

I like hexagons when they are filled with honey lol more like beeobee