Thursday, March 24, 2005

Top 20 Searches for March

Yeah, I know it isn't quite the end of March. Shut up.

1 elephant larry
2 lindsay lohan hot
3 george washington

Its nice to see that people are consistently finding our site, month after month, based on the three things we're known for. Actually, I can't believe people have been using the search term "lindsay lohan hot" three months in a row. I wonder if there's a question mark at the end of that, like some guy had heard about this Lindsay Lohan, and was wondering if she was hot.

4 white castle
5 yankees stadium

Fine, these both have to do with Features. Makes sense.

6 pajamas

Oh, pajamas, huh?

Man: Hey honey, where should buy pajamas?
Woman: Why not try
Man: But how would I find that?
Woman: Do a search for pajamas. is your number one source for sleepwear.


7 ashton kutcher
8 dvda

All I'm going to say is that anybody trying to find DVDA on our site is going to be sorely disappointed with what they find.

9 elephant
10 elephant sketch
11 sketch of elephant ride

Wheee! Remember when we went on that elephant ride? Did anybody sketch it? Oh, I hope so! I hope so ever so much.

12 white castle burgers
13 bear vs gorilla
14 chris principe
15 elephant logo

I'd like to see the pitch meeting where a bunch of ad execs try to come up with a new logo for elephants. Actually, I probably wouldn't.

16 emeril
17 fashion sketch
18 goodness can and does exist

#18 is hands down my favorite one. In fact, its the exact opposite of my favorite from last month, "penis festival." I have to imagine that two guys were sitting around having an argument, which ended with one of them saying, "No, seriously, goodness can AND does exist. I'll do a google search and prove it to you." And then they saw our website.

19 gorilla vs. lion
20 jumpsuits

I already used up all of my jumpsuit commentary on pajamas.

So stay tuned to, your source for Lindsay Lohan Hot Pajamas, and the latest news on white castle burgers vs. gorilla! Until next time, goodness can and does exist! George Washington everybody!