Monday, March 21, 2005


I would say out of all members of Elephant Larry, I write the highest quantity of worthless crap. But I'm a good soldier. Even if I think something is bad, I still read it in the hopes that my talented group-mates give some good suggestions that can resuscitate it into something workable.

And then there's this. I could try to apologize for it all I want and explain my reasoning for each and every line, and all the damn exclamation points. But what's the point? Let me just preface with an overall apology.

To the tune of Devo's "Whip It"

Fats and oils!
Made of glycerol!
And fatty acids!

Dehydration synthesis
Makes a lipid!
Emulsifying it
Destroys a lipid!
When the cream sits out just quit,
Cream's a lipid!

A lipid!
Has a shape!
Tastes great!
Eat more!
Not less!
Try to detect it
It's not too late
They're lipids!
Lipids good!

Cholesterol is not so bad
It's a lipid!
Fat is the latest fad
Cuz it's a lipid!
Unhealthy food is rad
They're full of lipids!

I say lipid!
Lipid's good!


baz said...

the only thing you have to apologize for is not posting this sooner and/or more often. brilliant.

Alex said...

Definitely post it more often. Anybody else think we should just whittle this blog down to seven posts that we repeat once a week?

Ted said...

You should stay up all night more often.