Monday, March 21, 2005

It's Like I'm In Egypt

I had a weird night.

After getting back from DC, I took it easy. Grabbed some dinner with my SO, Jenn, watched an episode of Mr. Show and prompty conked out at 8pm. I then woke up at 1am, feeling almost completely refreshed. "Nonsense!" I thought. "I need more sleep! I'll grab something to eat and then go back to bed." No dice.

After three attempts to fall asleep, three more episodes of Mr. Show, those same episodes in commentary track, an entire Beck album and the remaining time on the internet, here I am at 8:20 am, awake for 7+ hours. Except for me, it feels like 3:20 in the afternoon. I won't lie. It feels very creepy.

Not to mention the oh-so-important EL meeting we have tonight where we will be staging the sketches for "BOOM" for the first time, one of the most exhausting meetings we can have. It will almost definitely go until 11pm (or 6am Geoff Standard Time). Should be interesting! Yahoo!