Friday, March 18, 2005

Project Bleeblatt

We have this running joke...

Wait, I want to point out something first. Pretty much every running joke we have is not at all funny. In fact, its not at all funny on purpose. If it WAS funny, it wouldn't be a running joke, it would be a sketch, and then we'd stop joking about it.

How do we come up with a running joke? Somebody will usually make an actual joke. Then, someone else will mishear it. Then we'll all repeat it, for the course of a meeting. Then someone will continue to push the joke until it becomes part of our lexicon.

What I'm about to explain is one of those far removed, unexplainable running jokes that are not funny when you try to explain them.

We have this running joke, where someone has a dumb idea that sounds vaguely like a movie or TV Show, that we'll Bleeblatt it. Bleeblatting is the step before greenlighting a project. Meaning, we’ve heard the idea, and now we’ll think about maybe listening to that idea again, and then maybe greenlighting it.

I want to stress that Bleeblatting at no point indicates an actual sketch idea, or anything we are even considering putting on stage. In fact, the opposite. It’s usually just when we’re chatting at the beginning of a meeting. For example:

Stefan: Hey, I read this awesome article about bats…
Alex: We should write a sketch about bats.
Stefan: No, wait, it was about fruit bats…
Geoff: I’ll write a sketch.
Alex: I’ll bleeblatt that.
Stefan: Can someone let me finish?
Again, I want to emphasize that no-one will ever be writing a sketch about bats.

In any case, this post was actually supposed to be about Project Greenlight, but now it’s too long. Maybe later, then?


Anonymous said...

So the part where Geoff goes "I'll write a sketch."--is that an inside joke, too? (btw, I love this "Inside the EL Studio" stuff--maybe there's a Bravo reality show here somewhere...[cue])

Alex said...

Actually, Geoff is an inside joke.

brian said...

Almond flavor of bleeblatting.