Friday, March 18, 2005

Cory Nealy's Sad Little Life

I know Geoff has already given much love to the Flaming Box of Stuff Blog, but I wanted to throw even more love it's way.

Cory Nealy, who is just one of the hilarious dudes (and lady) in the group, is about four posts through his "Top 10 Worst Times I've Ever Had in Vegas" countdown. I was actually going to post about this yesterday, just because his story was so sad. But today was even more hilarious, and even worse. My reaction after each of these is, "Wow, that's funny." Followed by, "Jesus, he's less than halfway through his countdown."

I've posted links in order, so you can read 'em the right way:

#10: Bret Fetzer: Warrior!
#9: Peking Cory
#8: On a "Wing" and a prayer
#7: A Lap to Cry Upon
#6: The Essence of Paris
I hope Cory doesn't mind me calling his life "sad."


Cory said...

My life is what it is....

Alex said...

Notice I never said my life ISN'T sad.