Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Royal Affair

Hey everyone. Remember a few months ago when Mr. Zalben posted about that royal scandal show that needed a title? Well it turns out Mr. Principe NAMED THAT SHOW! And here are the details of said show, courtesy of Elephriend, Monica Hill:

"A Royal Affair"
Sunday, April 3rd
Fox News Channel, 9PM & Midnight (EST)
[That's 6PM & 9PM on the west coast]

According to Monica, it is "all about Charles, Camilla and those other wacky royals." Come on, you know you want to. Just have your remote ready when "Arrested Development" ends and you're set!


Alex said...

Don't forget that Stefan made a particularly hilarious graphic for the show.

And no need for me to watch after Arrested Development. I don't watch that show. Its too complicated, and I don't get the jokes!

Anonymous said...

FOX has a news channel? Get out!