Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Skeletons Wanted

Who wants to kinda be in a Comedy Central show? A friend of mine needs some people with nasty secrets to share:

Comedy Central is filming two pilot episodes next Thursday April 7th. For each episode, we need two "audience members" who will be willing to share a skeleton from their closet as part of a segment called "skeletons." The three comic panelists and the entire studio audience will know your secret and the comics will offer the host clues as he tries to guess it. The episodes won't air on Comedy Central but will be shown to focus groups.

Some skeletal examples: somebody having had a nose job, someone having had a breast reduction, a guy who let another guy pleasure him orally while "experimenting" in college, somebody who wet the bed until he was in 8th grade, etc...

So if you have some shareable closeted skeletons and can make it to the far west side of midtown Manhattan by 3pmish or 7pmish on Thursday, April 7th, send me an e-mail at and I'll put you in touch with the right folks.

No need to share your skeleton with me. That is, unless you really want to.


Alex said...

Do you think they'll be interested if you literally have skeletons in your closet?

I ask because Jeff murdered all those prostitutes, and I think they've been dead long enough to be skeletons now.

Anonymous said...

Those were gay prostitutes, right?

Anonymous said...

I have both Skeletor and Red Skeleton bath toys in my WC.