Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Seriously, New York Times, WTF?

This post contains spoilers about spoilers about Million Dollar Baby.

In case you aren't familiar with the backstory on this, The New York Times printed an article a few months ago with the title:

Groups Criticize 'Baby' For Message on Suicide

Actually, that's what it's called now. It used to be titled with the phrase ASSISTED Suicide, and refer to it as a third act plot twist. Naturally, people who hadn't seen the movie, including myself, got totally pissed off. Because, you know, they printed the third act plot twist of a major motion picture on the front of their Arts section.

Well, hats off to you, New York Times, because you managed to trump even that annoying piece of idiocy. I clicked open today to find this graphic greeting me:


There's a huge uproar about printing the plot twist, you not only are more specific about it, but you put it above the fold on your front page? New York Times, you can eat my goddamn dick.