Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Channel 102

Haven't been able to get out and see this show yet, but I'm really enjoying following it online.

NYC comedy dude Tony Carnevale has transplanted an LA Concept, which I'll allow his website to explain:

Every month, five-minute TV shows are screened before a live audience, who vote on which shows they'd like to see continue.

Winning shows return to Channel 102 a month later with new five-minute episodes.

Losing shows are cancelled, never to be heard from again.
So yeah. Some of the shows suck royally. And some are actually pretty good. But that's also sort of the point (bad shows along with good), and the best part is that they're all available for viewing online.

Head and shoulders above the rest, though, is a show by Mr. Carnevale himself, called "Locked in a Closet," which has made me laugh out loud at both of the episodes so far.

You can watch it here, and for goodness sake, watch the first episode first.

Check out Channel 101, the original LA Show, which has tons of videos. Also, Jack Black's making a pilot for FX out of it. Which is really weird.