Tuesday, March 29, 2005

These Genics Are Huge

According to the Pacific Northwest Medical Journal, California is the first state in the Union to offer free vasectomies to men who have been diagnosed as obese.

In other words? Doctors have finally discovered the best way to help obese people: keep ‘em from reproducing. And apparently there’s been an overwhelming turnout.

The full article’s here, and definitely really worth the read. If anything, for the author’s impressive avoidance of the moral implications inherent. Seriously. It’s either ignorance or finesse. I really can’t tell.

There are so many things about this I don’t understand, but I’ll limit it to this: Are vasectomies really that expensive? Is high cost really the only thing keeping dudes from getting their tubes cut?

Ok, and one more thing: there’s also a mention of reversible vasectomies, where doctors implant mini-faucet-like valves. Once this genetic-purifying-policy is fully adopted, such reversible valves could be used as an incentive “to bring clinically obese people to a sufficient level of fitness by rewarding them with permission to procreate and switching on the control valves implanted in the subject.”

Ok, that's it. I’m done now. Yay! Seriously. Thanks, Fark.


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