Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Star Wars: Chocolate M-Pire

I think there's a certain point you reach when you're no longer diluting your brand, but it's actively become diluted. This is Star Wars' moment:

LucasFilm and MasterFoods (seriously, that's the name of the company that makes M&Ms) unveiled their new candy/film promotion in Times Square yesterday, complete with a life size X-Wing, Darth Vader, and another, friendlier Darth Vader.

The promotion, called "Star Wars: Chocolate M-Pire," which is ridiculous enough, will see MasterFoods roll out its first ever Dark Chocolate M&Ms. These will be enrobed in dark colored candy, indicating the dark side of the force, and be paired with light colored milk chocolate M&Ms, for the light side of the force.

Wait, it gets more ridiculous.

  • The M&Ms will be available in 72 different collectors packages.
  • Skittles will have a more reasonable 48 different packages, and an online video game contest. Stefan and I already have packages of skittles that pre-enter us in this contest.
  • If you find a Kudos bar not covered in chocolate, you win a family Star Wars vacation. The lack of chocolate indicates, and I quote, "an imbalance in the force."

The only way they could make this worse is if there was some sort of Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head, called Darth Tater. Oh wait.

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mjs said...

you and stefan have these skittles already?
how'd you get those?

Alex said...

Our love created them.

Anonymous said...

I never realized the Star Wars universe was so Lilliputian in scale!