Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I share my computer at work with about five other people. Among the annoyances of sharing a computer is people downloading whatever crap they want onto it. That of course results in more icons, slower loading time, and some stupid, stupid games for me to immediately stop playing. Then there's Viewpoint.

Someone here decided our browser needed another toolbar, Viewpoint. Viewpoint is like the Google toolbar, letting you search for things through Viewpoint's vastly inferior search engine. At first I thought this was another mild annoyance, taking up slightly more room. However, the problem with Viewpoint is that whenever I tried to search for something through the Google toolbar, Viewpoint would partake in the same search and have a POP-UP search result spring down from the top and obscure about half my remaining screen.

I'm usually a pretty easy-going guy, but this took me about an hour to uninstall. Avoid Viewpoint.


Alex said...

Here's a great article about idiots who install viewpoint:

Utitlity Shoot-OutFrom the people what brought you that horrible Mac Mini review.