Tuesday, April 05, 2005


If you don't know, Pocky is a delicious-chocolate-covered-biscuit-stick-snack from Japan.

That should be enough information for you to properly enjoy this creepy and ridiculous commercial. It's not in English, but I think you'll kinda get the point.

Also, here's a five part FactAttack concerning delicious, delicious Pocky:

1) Pocky used to be named Chocoteck! I used to think that was a way cooler name, but then I learned that...
2) ...the name was changed from Chocoteck to Pocky after the sound made when biting into it (pokkin).
3) Here's the official Pocky website.
4) Here's an offical Japanese-to-English translator.
5) Here's an official picture of a robot.

Via Nerve.