Tuesday, May 31, 2005

No 9

Well, as has been reported by every New York-centric human interest paper, magazine and website, the number 9 train does not exist today. And that's fine with me. It skipped my stop more times than I'd care to remember, honestly. So good riddance. Long live the 1!!!!!!1

Whilst reading up on this, Gothamist pointed me towards this website, which goes into subways in sometimes nerdy detail. But if you're like me and you're fascinated enough by the NYC subway to read first-person descriptions of a day in the life of various MTA employees despite the fact that you're not 100% familiar with all the terminology they use, then you'll love this.


Book Worm said...

Like you, I have long been fascinated by "Life Underground," as Tom Otterness titled his delightful sintallation in the 14th Street/8th Avenue Station. Nerdy and imperfect as it may be, the site you cite answers a lot of questions and opens a new window on the subway world.