Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ven Diagram

Circle 1: I am a baseball nerd. One of the websites I visit to nurture my baseball nerdiness is the Baseball Think Factory, which is really fantastic if you love baseball and sarcastic, sarcastic comments.

Circle 2: I am a comedy nerd. One of the websites I visit to nurture my comedy nerdiness is McSweeney's, which has some of the smartest, funniest stuff I've ever seen. I've submitted a couple of things, because I think I'm cool or something.

Intersection: Baseball Think Factory's McSweeney's Thread, Post #27

PS Every other submission I've made to McSweeney's has involved baseball. Weird.

PPS (Visual Representation of a Ven Diagram with clouds and stamps substituted for comedy and baseball)


Alex said...

Cloud nerds?

Jeff said...

"Why are you putting your pants back on? Are you restarting the striptease?"

Funniest thing of the day.

brian said...

Oh no. That's the funniest thing in several days.