Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Vote For Us!

Voting has begun for the third annual Emerging Comics of New York Awards... As mentioned below, EL has been nominated in four categories! Well, sort of, if we incorporate Monica AS PART OF OUR VERY SELF.

Anyway. We understand that all ya blog readers may not see as much comedy as we do, so we thought we'd make some recommendations.

Caveat #1: You don't actually have to vote in every category. Just enter your e-mail, and vote whatever you like.

Caveat #2: These are just some people/groups/shows we've seen and liked. That doesn't mean anyone else is bad. In fact, they're all pretty good.

On with the noms!

Best Sketch Group: Elephant Larry
Best Stand-Up (Female): Kristen Schaal
Best Stand-Up (Male): Liam McEneaney
Best Comedic Duo: Becky and Noelle
Best Improv Group: Mother
Best Musical Comedy Act: Flight of the Concords/Freestyle Love Supreme
Best Short Comedic Film: Baby, Fix That Fusebox!
Best One Person Show: Theme Park Superstar
Best Director: Kevin Scott
Best Variety Show: Hot Tub
Best Host of a Variety Show or Comedic Event: Jon Friedman - The Rejection Show
Best Comedy Writer: Chris Rozzi
Best Comedic Website:
Best Technician: Monica Hill
Most fucked up thing I saw this year: Meat "Bush shitting in mouth"
Best Flyer: Elephant Larry
Best Venue: The Tank