Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Yesterday I had a catch with my dear friend John McGoey. It was on this odd little terrace thing on 60th street and Columbus Ave. While a beautiful spot, there were many opportunities for two guys masculinely throwing a baseball as hard as they could at each other to lose the ball, break a window or inadvertently brain each other. To wit!

At one point, Mr. McGoey threw me a groundball, because I like pretending I'm Derek Jeter. I ran as hard as I could, ranging far to my left and lunged, the ball just out of my reach. What was NOT out of my reach was a giant cement base for a flagpole. At the angle I was approaching this block, all I could see was the very corner, pointing directly at my eye or, less dramatically, my head in general. In order to avoid dying, I threw myself backward, slipping on the grass, losing my balance and smashing my hand into the corner of the block instead.

Now, it doesn't sound like I drew as much blood as Jeff. I KNOW I didn't draw as much blood as Stefan. And I understand that if I hadn't blocked my progress, I could've gained the elusive title of BloodBrain. But do I get to be known as BloodThumb? I await your approval, BloodBodypartBoard of NYS.


Stefan said...

This blog is getting a little too "Final Destination" for my taste.

christopher said...

How bloody was your thumb immediately following the accident? And is it still bloody now?

Chris S. said...

I'm already pitching screenplays to JeanClaude Van Damme for BloodFoot, BloodMouth, BloodThumb and BloodFoot II: Electric Boogaloo.

Geoffrey said...

To be honest, it was just never all that bloody. Just a gash at the base of my thumb, but I don't think any blood escaped from said gash. I just wanted to fit in.

I retract my request for BloodThumb status.

christopher said...

Hey Geoff!

We can call you BruiseThumb!

Or CutThumb! Cuz it was a cut!

christopher said...

Actually, nevermind those last two.

It should definitely be GashThumb.

That's your name now.

Welcome, GashThumb, to the club I now realize I don't really belong to.

Geoffrey said...

I accept GashThumb. That is pretty cool.