Friday, June 10, 2005


Apparently while sleeping last night, I was struck with an idea so hilarious that I had to write it down. ‘Cause this morning I awoke to find a piece of paper lying next to me with the following words scrawled on it:

"He’s so crazy, he’ll take a bite of anything."

Comic gold, people. COMIC GOLD.

In the spirit of creative positivity, I’ve taken five minutes to compose a short sketch both incorporating and inspired by the hilarious phrase. Enjoy.


by chris “hypnagogia!” principe

Dan and Mack and Big-Toothed Jim stand on stage. Dan is eating an apple.

Dan: Man oh man, this apple just won’t quit!

Mack: Tell me about it!

Dan: It’s a Macintosh.

Mack: Like the computer.

Dan: Now you’re talkin’.

Mack: And my name!

Dan: You're still talkin’.

Mack: Thanks!

Dan: But unlike the computer, this apple is delicious.

Mack: And so is my name.

Big-Toothed Jim: DELICIOUS! (Big-Toothed Jim takes a bite of Dan’s computer)

Dan & Mack: Oh no Big-Toothed Jim!

Mack: Unbelievable.

Dan: I’m so upset with you!

Mack: Relax. He’s so crazy he’ll take a bite of anything.

Big-Toothed Jim: DELICIOUS! (Big-Toothed Jim takes a bite of Mack's name)

Mack: Ah!

Dan: How'd he do that?!

Mack: I dunno!

Dan: Ah! But back to my computer.

Mack: Okay.

Dan: Perhaps my Macintosh computer wouldn't have been bitten if I hadn't been carrying it around so accessibly.

Mack: I didn’t even know you were carrying it around!

Dan: I didn’t even know I was carrying it around!

Big-Toothed Jim: And SCENE!

: What?



Chris S. said...

(Slow clap.)

Dad said...

I'd like to take a moment to point out that chris was probably barely at work two hours when he posted this. and that he left less than two hours later. why? because its friday. and chris has short fridays in the summer.

that's crap.

that is all