Friday, June 24, 2005


OMIGOD. I'm still in total shock you guys, because Elephant Larry won the Emerging Comics of New York Award for BEST FLYER!


There's so many people who put their heads together, and made this award happen. Geoff, Chris, myself, Jeff... Lot's of people. Mary, Monica, Marni... I'm sure I'm forgetting someone. Oh yeah, The PIT, The Onion, and of course, our parents.

Yes, the Haggertys, the Principes, the Zalbens, and the Solomons.

All of these people led to the point we reached tonight: Our flyer finally emerged.


In all seriousness, congrats to Stefan for making a kick-ass flyer for BOOM, and winning the ECNY Award for Best Flyer. Also for being ridiculously extreme in accepting it on stage. If anyone has a picture of that, e-mail me, and I'll post it.

Because it was great.


Alex said...

Hey Geoff, quick question:

Haggertys or Haggerties?

Your Friend Alex

Geoffrey said...

I'll let NGD handle this one.

Stefan said...

Thanks Alex for the kind words. I'd also be interested if there were pictures, but I doubt anybody was documenting...

Would you believe that was all improvised? That I didn't prepare that at all? :)

Ted said...

Congrats guys. And here's a vote for Stefan to win again next year for the kick ass iconography he created for the festival. Oh, and for the EL Skateboard on his mantle.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Geoff, I'll take it from here.

The Historical Research Center located in the prestigious environs of DisneyWorld/Epcot Center offers (for a fee of a scant $50 in 1991):

"The Irish surname Haggerty and O'Hegarty are anglicized renderings of the Gaelic name O'hEigceartaigh, which is derived from the Old Gaelic term "eigceartach", meaning literally, "unjust".

So I'm picturing our ancestors in Old Ireland swindling some poor widow out of her land on a regular basis. Or something like that to merit a name that gives us the permanent label, "unjust". I mean we all know what the Bakers and the Millers did. I guess our ancient family business had something to do with screwing the public.

So to answer the question, again I'm guessing, but maybe it's one of those times the plural is completely different than the singular, The Bastids. As in "those Bastids had the sheriff throw me off the land my ancestors settled since the time of the Druids."

But Geoff, don't feel bad. At least we were able to distance ourselves from our very distant cousins, The Fucgheangh Bastids.


Geoffrey said...


-Haggerty means "unjust"

-the plural of Haggerty is Bastids

-one doesn't feel quite so embarassed about horrible drunken pictures of themselves when one's father is fabricating Gaelic versions of the word "fucking" on one's group's blog.