Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wrong Number

Me: Hello?

Them: (really perky) Well hey there!

Me: (confused, trying to match perkiness) Hi!

Them: How are you doing!

Me: Good! Who is this?

Them: This is Victoria Simpson!

Me: OK! Do you have the right number?

Them: Is this (not my name)?

Me: No!

Them: Let me see if I have the number right...are you 917-(rest of the number is nothing even remotely like my number)

Me: That's not even close!

Them: (much less perky) Alright, maybe I should...mumblegrumble

Me: Goodbye!


Anonymous said...

i'll assume the "mumblemumble" was her sucking her own dick.

Geoffrey said...

Well that's what I figured, but I can't be sure.