Monday, July 11, 2005

Also, I Got Some Free Clothes

Scene is the other day, on the subway. A Man enters:

MAN: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm not selling anything, nor am I looking for handouts. I represent an organization that gives food to the hungry. So if you are on this train, and are hungry, please let me know, we will give you a sandwich.

ME: (Thoughts, not out loud) Hey, I'm pretty hungry. I haven't had breakfast, and its way past lunch time. I wonder if they have vegetarian sandwiches? Actually, he probably means a different kind of hungry. Well, it might be funny to ask, anyway. But then I'd have to ask for a vegetarian sandwich, and look like a totally jerk. Ah, ferget it.

MAN: ...donations are welcome, thank you for your time.

ME: (Thoughts) Boy, am I hungry. I should have taken one of those sandwiches.

...and then I spent the rest of the wondering what those sandwiches tasted like.