Monday, July 11, 2005

Zero Points for Subtlety

So I was heading up to my friend Brian's farm, where I was going to pick up haybales for my birthday party this Friday, when, driving alongside us, we saw this:

Farking amazing. Seriously! No hint that it's a joke, or ironic. I mean, there's no way they DON'T know it has a dirty meaning. But I also can't imagine that it makes great business sense to have the dirtiest possible slogan for your tent rental (tental?) company. Either way, it made me laugh like a silly adolescent boy.

Added bonus: my friend Brian actually used them for his wedding maybe the tagline works? Brian didn't know if he hired them because of the slogan or not, however...


Chris S. said...

With that slogan, is their marketing campaign targeting the Creators of the Bra?