Monday, July 11, 2005

Another Valid Lawsuit

Chicagoist is reporting that Improv mainstay (and one might say, the creator of modern improv) Improv Olympic is being forced to change it's name, because of a lawsuit by the International Olympic Committee.

Anyway, it's an old lawsuit, so it's not like the Olympics decided 25 years too late to do something about it. But seriously, is anybody going to mistake the Improv Olympic for the Olympics? What's the basis of this lawsuit.


Improv Olympic (and, one would assume, IOWest) will be changing its name to the I.O. Theatre.

Also, check out the ridiculous line-up for the I.O. Theatre's 25th Anniversary show.


mjs said...

i was just reading about this piece of news this morning in amNY. andy dick is quoted as saying "It is confusing. I wandered in there with my discus once."


Anonymous said...

I hope they know "Two Goats Fucking on a Lawn" is already taken.

Alex said...

Okay, so now I know that one of our anonymous' was a member of Skits-O-Phrenics circa the 1990's. What a fun mystery!

I also now know that if you misspell "circa", it looks an awful lot like "cricket".

brian said...

Not such a fun mystery, I remembered my blogger password. Eventually.