Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bottom Of The 33rd

SportsCenter is doing this thing (blatantly ripped off from Sports Illustrated, mind you), where they are going to all 50 states and reporting something sports-related and specific to that state. Yesterday was Rhode Island, and you can't mention Rhode Island without thinking of the longest game in baseball history. It happened on 6/23/81 and is 7 innings longer than the longest major league game.

Stats of note:
-Time of Game: 8 hours and 25 minutes (average length of a ballgame is a little under three hours)
-10-20th innings were shut-out innings
-Williams for the PawSox (cute name, right?) got no hits in THIRTEEN at bats. That's a minor slump, in one game.
-Umbarger pitched 10 scoreless innings for Rochester
-someone struck out 8 times (I forget who, but they're terrible)
-33 innings is like 3 and 2/3 games! (I figured this one out myself!)

Players of note:
-Wade Boggs
-Cal Ripken, Jr. (I guess he wanted an early start on his consecutive games streak! Hahaha!)

For the record, the longest game that I've been a part of was like seven innings. I've got a ways to go.


Anonymous said...

And you can't mention Rhode Island without mentioning awesuckiness of The Family Guy...

Anonymous said...

inning inning inning--it doesn't even seem like a real word

Geoffrey said...

Oooh, good point anonymous. Inning. Inning.

I did that one time with the word giraffe. Giraffe really means nothing.

Anonymous said...

You are "in" the "inning" until you have 3 outs. Perhaps it should ave been called an "outing", but now that means some different things...

Anonymous said...

I always thought it had something to do with 'inns.'

Anonymous said...

Inning? Is it used in other contexts?

Anonymous said...

when they leave the shire, teenage hobbits say "inning" in the same context that spoiled rich kids who go to the lower east side say "slumming"