Wednesday, July 27, 2005

He Hates Dimes

When people irrationally hate mundane things, I am all for it:

Personally, I've always been more offended by nickels, but this guy makes some good arguments. And if dimes were eliminated, nickels would be slightly useful, which is more useful than they are now. I'm convinced. No more dimes!

Via Adam.


this is adam said...

The best part of hating dimes, in my opinion, is getting evicted from your apartment in the process. (Note the section entitled Conspiracy!!!) This means in all probability that the head of the Anti-Dime Coalition is, in fact, homeless, and may very well be reversing his position on dimes shortly.

Horray for my first ever post on the Elephant Larry Blog! Horray!

Chris S. said...

I didn't know that dimes eat babies. But after learning that valuable lesson from an interactive presentation on that Web site, I have to say, "Thank you,!"


christopher said...

Slightly old, somewhat relevent.