Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm Trying To Start A Movement

Well, not so much a movement, as a turn of phrase (phrase-turn?). Either way, it’s pretty easy, so check it:

The next time something positive happens to you or your friends, instead of saying cool! or awesome! or rad! or positive exclamatory adjective! say hi-five!


Alex: Yo, Jerf! I just finished that jigsaw puzzle!

Jerf: Alright. Hi-five.

Alex: Yeah. Hi-five.

Jerf: Yeah.

Thing is—and though I couldn't really convey it above, this is important—though you’re saying hi-five, there’s no actual hi-fiving involved. Smiles and approving head-nods are totally fine, but I repeat: NO HI-FIVING. Trust me.

And actually, if you say hi-five and can swing just smiling and standing there with your hands at your sides for a second or two, that's probably ideal.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! High Five!

(I've been waiting for something like this ever since I came back from the war)


HIgh Five!