Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hip To Be Square

Just saw a Wendy's commercial that made me laugh very hard. I then went online to find it and found not only the commercial, and not only its fellow commercials in the ad campaign but a description of how it was conceived, how it got pitched and how it eventually got approved by Wendy's.

I thought it was pretty fascinating.

Suggested viewing order:
1) Heat Lamp (the one I saw first)
2) Music Video (it's long, but stick with it to the end)
3) Rut (not great)


Alex said...

Those sound EXACTLY like Monica doing her "Marshmallow Peeps" voice.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Except they don't say "Easter."

Chris S. said...

I love this campaign as well. Click here for super-awesome "outtakes" from the aforementioned music video.