Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Don't worry, improv's not dead. I just really wanted to make a blogpost with a really bold title, like "ALL FRUIT SUCK" or "IMAGINARY NUMBERS ARE USELESS." And since we're a sketch comedy group, I thought trumpeting the death of improv would be perfect. But improv's not dead.

This is not to say I didn't think improv was dead recently; I did. Then I realized that improv wasn't dead, I just hadn't seen an improv show in a while. Pretty big difference! Anyway, I finally saw a show last night at UCB (actually at the Abingdon Theatre, but through UCB) where the Naked Babies and Paul Scheer performed imrpov. And ya know what? It was really good!

So don't worry, improv isn't dead. In fact, Improv is so not dead that there's gonna be over 48 straight hours of it this weekend. Check it out! But around 8 on Saturday, come see this instead.


Alex said...


Geoffrey said...

What? They do.

Nate said...

I got cheated on by a plaintain. And by cheated on, I mean cuckolded. It sucked.

Caitlin said...

i love improv. and it is dead. other things that I love that are dead: theater (in general), dinosaurs, love.